Actual Calligraphy Samples

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 Option A: Hand-Lettered Traditional Copperplate


 Option B: Hand-Lettered Traditional Italics


 Option C: Hand-Lettered Script (Modified Copperplate)


 Option C: Hand-Lettered Murray Hill Script


 Option C: Hand-Lettered Helinda Rook Script


 Option C: Hand-Lettered Ex El Ponto Style


 Option D: Hand-Lettered Script on Dark Envelope


 Option D: Hand-Lettered Murray Hill Script on Dark Envelope


 Option E: Laser-Printed Parisian Font, One of Many Styles


 Option E: Laser-Printed Majestic Font, One of Many Styles


 Hand-Lettered Traditional Copperplate Escort Envelope


 Hand-Lettered Traditional Italics Escort Envelope


 Hand-Lettered Script Escort Envelope (Modified Copperplate)


 Hand-Lettered Murray Hill Escort Envelope


Menu, Table & Placecards


 Laser-Printed Menu using Various Fonts


 Laser-Printed Escort Card using Various Fonts


 Hand-Lettered Traditional Copperplate Placecard


 Hand-Lettered Traditional Italics Placecard


 Hand-Lettered Script Placecard (Modified Copperplate)


 Hand-Lettered Murray Hill Script Placecard


 Laser-Printed Amazone Script Placecard


 Laser-Printed Adine Kirnberg Script Placecard


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